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Found in a bog, rotten to the bone, this un identified strand of wood was in such poor state it had to be handled with such care as to not damage or break it during transport. Once dried and treated for fungus and wood inhabiting insects, the wood was resiniated to harden the wood and thus fossilise its features. Layers of epoxy resin were then applied to thicken and amplify its relief texture. It was finally sprayed using a polyurethane high gloss piano finish lacquer.

Nic Parnell, gloss lamp
Nic Parnell, high gloss


This piece evokes an organic yet alien quality due to the smooth cratered surface that has no direct relation to any known plant or organism. Constituted of graphite, aluminium and an acrylic based resin binder, this particular texture is impregnated into the medium whilst it is setting. An entirely original and pioneering application of material that truly questions the nature and context of the object.

Nic Parnell, mars bark
Nic Parnell
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