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The current collection of photography is a meditation on the resilience and endurance of our planet, a reminder of the processes that have shaped our world and in turn our society. These ancestral structures are the silent witnesses to earths ever-evolving narrative, reminding us that in rock we find not only our past but also our future.  The compositions are a testament to the artistry of nature itself, and through careful framing, they become visual poems, inviting you to explore the intricate details that carry within them the stories of millennia.

By isolating the geology from their natural backgrounds, these non-precious and often overlooked rock formations are transformed into mesmerizing works of art that beckon us to connect us to the natural world with animacy and wonder, to explore their hidden depths with a precious gaze. These images invite you to pause, to reflect, and to recognize the profound value in the everyday materials that form the bedrock of our existence.

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