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The "Outside In"  collection has had particular success through the constant development and diversity of the Arbor Lamp. These lamps are mainly  made from dead wood collected from an array of forests in the south east of England. Available in an variety of luxury surface finishes, all the lamps have the electric cable wired through the branches and hidden from sight. This simple idea, when beautifully executed, supplies endless aesthetic and functional possibilities, bringing an unprecedented value to forgotten and unwanted sources of wood.


Lamps are made to order, get in touch for more information on commissions and prices.

Rental service provided depending on availability.



  The latest collection of lamps titled '93% OAK' was entirely sourced from dead oak branches  and mounted onto solid oak bases. This exhibition showcases the further development of the Arbor Lamp, bringing new refinements and limited edition finishes. Here is a video edit of Nic Parnells solo exhibiton at MEWS 42 Gallery in south Kensington held in October 2013 .


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